Did you know, the average paper consumption per person in Sri Lanka is about 7 kg per annum out of which only 2 kg is collected for recycling? Most government, commercial and financial institutions presently dispose their confidential documents and paper waste by burning or dumping as garbage.
"7% of the Garbage which is collected in the Western Province is Paper based? It's 280 Tons a Day (Source - Waste Management Authority)"
Having observed this phenomenon, we at Neptune Papers came forward offering the aforesaid institutions a FREE documents shredding service which ensures security of confidential document disposal without the need of destroying the documents through burning, thereby reducing pollution & saving the felling of trees and protecting the environment. This endeavour by our company Neptune Papers has resulted in wide spread support which has resulted in our company shredding over 2,500,000 kg of confidential documents per annum.
Our services are currently carried out to over 500 clients successfully, ranging from Banks, Financial Institutions, Government Departments, Diplomatic Bodies, Schools, Hospitals & Commercial sectors, Etc.

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